Kidney stones are quite normal in people. These are solid masses made of crystal. They can be of different sizes. Some can be very small as mustard and some can be as big as a pebble. For small stones, one need not worry as most of the time they pass out through urine. But medication and surgery are required for big ones. Sai Siddhi Hospital is the best kidney stone hospital in Gurugram.

This is also known as renal calculi. The kidney stones can form anywhere in your urinary tract that includes the bladder, ureters, kidney, and urethra. It is said that kidney stones are the most painful medical conditions.

Types of kidney stones

There are different kinds of kidney stones. As not all the stones are made of the same crystals. The different types are mentioned below:-

  • Uric acid

Acidic urine is the cause behind a uric acid stone. It is found that it is more common in males than in females. It occurs in people with gout and those who are going through chemotherapy. Urine’s acidic level also increases because of purines as it is rich in the diet. Animal proteins like fish, meats, and shellfish contain purine. It is a colorless substance.

  • Calcium

These stones are made up of calcium oxalate. It also consists of calcium phosphate or maleate. Calcium stones are more common than other stones. One can reduce the risk of calcium stone by consuming less oxalate-rich foods. But people tend to eat more oxalate-rich items that consist of potato chips, beets, chocolates, peanuts, and spinach.  Having a balanced amount of calcium will avoid stones from forming.

  • Cystine

Cystine stones occur both in males and females having a genetic disorder known as cystinuria. These stones are rare. It happens when an acid that naturally occurs in our body leaks from the kidney into the urine.

  • Struvite

Females who suffer from urinary tract infections are victims of this type of stone. The struvite stones may be large and cause urinary obstruction. This is generally a result of kidney infection. If the underlying infection is treated then the formation of struvite stones can be avoided.

The kidney stone problem is common in people between the age of 20 to 50. There are different factors that increase the risk of developing a stone. The greatest risk factor of kidney stones arises when you urine less than 1 liter per day. A family history of kidney stones can increase your risk as well.

Some of the risk factors are:-

  • Consuming high levels of salt, glucose, and protein.
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Dehydration problem
  • Increase of calcium absorption because of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Consuming medicines like antiseizure drugs, calcium based antacids, and triamterene diuretics.
  • Obesity

One must not neglect and avoid kidney stones as this can cost your life. If you have any doubt regarding the same you must visit a doctor immediately. If the stones are bigger, then surgery will be required. One can get the best laser treatment for kidney stones at Sai Siddhi Hospital.