Urological conditions can be detrimental and can even lead to life-threatening complications. Conditions like paraphimosis or ischemic priapism can be life-threatening and require immediate attention. Hence, if you face any urological issues, you must find a good Urology hospital in Gurgaon.

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If you have a kidney stone, you must get rid of them immediately before it can cause further complications. You can get kidney stones if you don’t drink enough water. If you are experiencing pain during urinating or having blood in your urine, you have a huge possibility that you have a kidney stone. If you have any conditions related to kidney stones formation, you can book an appointment with our doctors and get a detailed examination. During the initial stages, the doctor may suggest you drink plenty of water or medication, but additional treatments may be required if your kidney stone is large. You also may need to go through surgery if required.

At Sai Siddhi, we specialize in shock wave lithotripsy that can treat your kidney stone s effectively. We also do laser treatments to break the kidney stone into small pieces so that it is easy to remove the same. Our doctors may also suggest you percutaneous nephrolithotomy if your condition is severe. Once you come to Sai siddhi, you will be in the hands of experts, and you need to stress about your disease any more.

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