Department Of Dietician


Combination of palatability with a balanced diet rich in nutrients is essential for healthy life. Malnutrition (over or under Nutrition) predisposes the body to many risk factors.
At Sai Siddhi Multispeciality Hospital Dietetics & Nutrition department is run by a very well renowned expert nutritionist and counselor who act as a pillar stone for all other departments and is committed to help communities both within the hospital and outside to establish a healthy understanding of the link between nutrition and ailments. She offers all the required education regarding nutrition for

1. Diabetic patients
2. Obese patients
3. Bariatric diet
4. Antenatal diet
5. Renal diet
6. Diet for hypertensive patients
7. Diet for post operative patients
8. Weight gain and weight loss programs
9. Health products
The Institute offers personalised care to each and every patient both in OPD and IPD with monitoring of their progress at regular intervals as indicated on case to case basis. We organise various presentations, lectures and training program on meals, eating habits and nutrition.