Seema Mehta

I’m very thankful to Dr. Sudhanshu Mishra at Sai Siddhi Multispecialty Hospital. He is the Diabetologist, who has really made a huge difference in my life. After being diagnosed by type-2 Diabetes two years ago, I was having a very difficult time to manage my Job, health and family, at the same time. With proper guidance from Dr.Sudhanshu , I really learnt how to take care of my health, along with my job and family. He has given me great counselling on how to manage my Blood Sugar levels with proper medication with tips on right diet.

Anshul Goel

My Mother was suffering from Kidney stones for 2 years and me and my father, were were depressed from here deteriorating condition. She was constantly having pain. After taking treatment at Sai Siddhi multispecialty Hospital, we are happy to see an improvement in her condition. Thanks to Dr.Yogesh

Narayan Singla

My age is 51 years and iam suffering from Heart condition for so many years.

Few years back my condition got very critical and I was admitted to hospital where I was told that it was a minor attack. After that I have always been worried about my heart health and my condition was also not improving despite of all the medications. I visited Sai Siddhi Multispecialty Hospital.

After starting timely check-ups with the Cardiologists there, I feel much better now and also he gave me some advice on how to manage my stress.