Gynaecology primarily deals with conditions related to a woman's reproductive organs such as the vagina, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and the ovaries. This is a branch of medicine that is associated with the science of a reproduction system that involves varied different phases of a woman’s life cycle such as the adolescence stage that is followed by reproduction, menopause and goes much beyond.

Also as mentioned above, even though most gynaecologists are also obstetricians nowadays, the domain of gynaecology however emphasises on various eclectic dimensions of a female’s reproductive health ranging from puberty, and travelling through to menopause.

Gynaecology consists of preventive care solutions and furnishes curative aspects such as -

  • Preventive care for example pap smear, screening and mammography
  • Issues pertaining tor adolescence such as amenorrhea, pre-ovarian puberty etc. Infertility Contraception Irregular Menstrual Cycle Peri-menopausal issues Post-menopausal ailments such as post-menopausal bleeding, prolapse and incontinence etc.

Proctologists perform corrective colorectal surgeries in order to repair the rectum, anus or the colon. They perform surgeries that primarily involve the removal of parts of organs, or even the removal of whole organs such as the gallbladder.

Dr. Yogesh Taneja

Senior urologist

Dr. Yogesh Taneja is a highly skilled Urologist and a General Surgeon who holds 14 years of work experience and he primarily practices at Sai Siddhi Urology Multispeciality Hospital located in Gurgaon, Sector-46, Haryana. He is also associated with Medeor Hospital, Manesar, Gurgaon and at Sai Uro Clinix in Sector - 8, Gurgaon.

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