What is a Chronic Constipation?

Chronic constipation is a pestering ailment, and it's definition varies amongst different people. For some individuals, chronic constipation may refer to infrequent bowel movements that may lasts for weeks at a time, and is highly uncomfortable.

However others may consider chronic constipation as mere straining or having difficulty in smooth passing of stools. For example many individuals describe chronic constipation as an urge that one needs to have a bowel movement, but irrespective of how long you may sit, you just won't be able to pass stool. With chronic constipation an individual may even have hard or dark formed stools that are small, or it might even be a combination of infrequently formed hard, or small stools. We at Sai Siddhi provide excellent services for curing chronic constipation.

Dr. Yogesh Taneja

Senior urologist

Dr. Yogesh Taneja is a highly skilled Urologist and a General Surgeon who holds 14 years of work experience and he primarily practices at Sai Siddhi Urology Multispeciality Hospital located in Gurgaon, Sector-46, Haryana. He is also associated with Medeor Hospital, Manesar, Gurgaon and at Sai Uro Clinix in Sector - 8, Gurgaon.

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